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Strategies for Defending DUI Cases in California

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Legal expert and author Steven R. Andrade and Andrade Law Offices are pleased to announce the publication of “Strategies For Defending DUI Cases in California, 2015 ed.,: Leading Lawyers Provide Their Insight With Respect To The Prosecution And Defense Of DUI Cases In California.”

Steven Andrade, Santa Barbara County’s leading DUI defense lawyer shares his strategic insight on DUI defense in California.  To get your free copy of Steven R. Andrade’s excerpt from Aspatore Publishing’s “Inside The Minds, Leading Lawyers Provide Their Insight With Respect To the Prosecution and Defense of DUI Cases In California” simply click on the link below. This book is for DUI defense attorneys and potential clients who may be facing DUI charges.

Strategies for Defending DUI Cases in California contains essential information that attorneys strive to master involving the complex scientific and legal issues involved in the defense of DUI cases. Hopefully, this book will encourage attorneys to work diligently to develop the best strategies to defend their clients successfully and arm DUI clients with inside information to help their DUI defense case achieve an optimum outcome, whether it’s your first DUI or not. This book in no way suggests that a person charged with a DUI should defend themselves. There is no substitution for the knowledge and experience a DUI defense attorney can bring to your case.

Andrade explains the role the Department of Motor Vehicles plays in DUI defense cases, the myriad NHTSA-certified field sobriety tests used in California, utilization of expert witnesses for the defense, overcoming juror prejudice during voir dire, and challenging questionable forensic test results.

dui defense attorneyFrom understanding the state’s various levels of DUI charges to examining breathalyzer technology, Steven R. Andrade explains the strategic process California defense attorneys must follow in order to best serve DUI clients.

Before opening Andrade Law Offices in Santa Barbara, California, Steven R. Andrade served as a deputy district attorney for Ventura County. He knows firsthand the strategies that prosecutors and defense attorneys employ in handling DUI cases, and he applies that dual perspective to his clients’ advantage.

Gain a deeper understanding of the types of strategies Andrade Law Offices uses to mount a successful DUI defense and gain an armchair perspective from one of the top DUI defense lawyers in California. Steven R. Andrade shares his strategic insight on defending DUI cases in California. To get your free copy of Steven R. Andrade’s publication on DUI defense, simply click on the link below. This book is for DUI defense attorneys and potential clients who may be facing DUI charges.

Andrade Law Offices: DUI Defense Attorney

Steven R. Andrade grew up near San Francisco, where his father was a shipping clerk and his mother was a bookkeeper for a grocery store chain. When Steven was a teenager, his father was laid off, prompting Steven to decide to go to law school, in part, so that he would always have the option of having his own business and would be able to take care of his parents in their later years.

Steven Rudolph Andrade graduated with high honors from San Francisco State University and earned his Juris Doctor degree in 1977 from UC Davis Law School, where he also made law review.

As a DUI and criminal defense attorney, Steven R Andrade has a reputation for taking the toughest cases to trial and he is known as a skilled courtroom strategist. He has handled thousands of criminal cases, ranging from DUI cases to capital offenses, and has recovered millions of dollars in personal injury verdicts and settlements. In 2002, he obtained a verdict in excess of $60 million from a Los Angeles jury in a medical malpractice case.

To know more about Steven R. Andrade and the attorneys of Andrade Law Offices, visit our About Us page.

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