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Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Cases in Santa Barbara

Both residents and visitors to the area could face legal trouble when facing charges in a criminal case, whether a DUI offense or other charge. It can be difficult to know where to turn when facing the full force of the criminal justice system or to find out what can be done to reduce the damage and avoid fines, jail or prison, and other serious consequences. Most of us know the importance of having a skilled criminal defense lawyer. In Santa Barbara, many call upon the Andrade Law Offices for criminal defense. Here’s how to find us:

Andrade Law Offices
211 Equestrian Avenue
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(805) 962-4944

The founder of the firm, Steven R. Andrade, is a former Deputy District Attorney for Ventura County. He later served as an Assistant Attorney General for the Northern Mariana Islands. Eventually turning his legal skills to private practice, he established his law firm, The Andrade Law Offices, in 1987. He focuses his practice on both criminal defense and personal injury law.

Mr. Andrade is known for having recovered one of the largest personal injury awards in California’s history. In 2002, a jury awarded over $60 million to his client in an injury case.

With over 30 years of experience and a deep understanding of the justice system in California, Mr. Andrade can be turned to for legal representation in criminal cases and personal injury claims in the Santa Barbara area.

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Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara, with a population of approximately 90,000 residents, has a mild, pleasant climate and is a major tourist destination because of its coastal location. It is also the location of University of California Santa Barbara, which gives the city a vital, youthful energy.

In the 1930s, Santa Barbara became a popular destination after the completion of one section of the coast highway, Route 101, allowing people to more easily reach the area. Hollywood filmmakers took advantage of the new stretch of highway and the close proximity of Santa Barbara; approximately 1,200 movies, often westerns, were filmed in the area during this period.

Walking tours are a favorite of visitors to the area, who are interested in discovering the fascinating history of Santa Barbara.

The area surrounding Santa Barbara was originally discovered by Portuguese explorer, Juan Cabrillo, who landed in 1542. The city has a colorful history and to this day maintains a blend of Spanish, Portuguese, Mexican, and Native influences. The original home of the Chumash tribe, the area began a significant transformation upon the arrival of Spanish Franciscan Monks in the 18th century, led by Padre Junipero Serra, who spearheaded the founding of the first nine Catholic missions in California. Even today, certain sections of the aqueduct built to supply water to the Old Mission are still in use by the city’s water department. OldMission Santa Barbara is a fascinating slice of history and is open to the public.

In June 1925, the area was hit by a huge earthquake, which damaged the tenth mission. It has since been fully restored. After the quake, the only buildings left standing in Santa Barbara were those built in Spanish style, leading city fathers at the time to pass an ordinance requiring all downtown buildings to be built as such. The downtown area of the city has many beautiful examples of both original and modern Spanish-Colonial style architecture.

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