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Verdicts & Settlements

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Settlements and Verdicts Achieved by Andrade Law Offices

Here are some recent settlements and verdicts that we have obtained for clients in Personal Injury and Criminal Defense cases. Let Andrade Law Offices review your accident and discuss what we can do to assist you if we determine that you have a case. The results of individual cases vary depending on the specific facts of the case.

Personal Injury/Accident

$103,000 Settlement Dog Bite Causing Injury and Scarring

Policy Limit Settlement Child Bitten by Dog

$700,000 Vehicle Accident Involving Drunk Driver

Policy Limit Settlement Minor injured in Run Away Motor Vehicle

After Appeal $60.7M Medical Malpractice on a child

Policy Limit Settlement Minor injured on Bicycle by Motor Vehicle

Jury Verdict $60.4M Medical Malpractice on a child

$2.6M Settlement Infant Burned by Scalding Coffee

$1.25M Settlement Pedestrian Hit in Crosswalk

Criminal Defense

Second Degree Murder Not Guilty verdict after trial

Attempted Murder / Assault with Deadly Weapon Judge found self-defense, case dismissed

Possession of Drugs for Sale Not Guilty verdict

7 Counts of Robbery Judge dismissed case after preliminary hearing

Receiving Stolen Property Case dismissed after evidence suppressed (illegal search)

Felony Embezzlement Case dismissed after jury deadlocked

Felony Assault Charges with Gang Enhancement Judge found self-defense, case dismissed

DUI Vehicular Manslaughter .09% BAL - Settled in Trial

DUI’s Thousands of cases resolved by Not Guilty verdicts, dismissals, and reductions of charges