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Don't Drink and Drive if You Go to Deltopia 2015

Steven R. Andrade March 30, 2015

If you are planning to attend the Deltopia street party welcoming spring to Isla Vista and Santa Barbara, we urge you to be mindful of your alcohol consumption and avoid drinking and driving. If you attend UC-Santa Barbara, like most Deltopia partiers, you need to know what a DUI means for college students.

California's DUI penalties can be severe, even for first-time offenders. You can immediately lose driving privileges – prior to a conviction. Upon conviction, you may face the loss of your drivers' license for a year, be required to pay a $1,800 fine and be required to attend alcohol-and-driving classes. The penalties are heavier for subsequent convictions, as well as for drunk drivers with a blood-alcohol content (BAC) of .15 percent or more, or who injure others.

A DUI conviction stays on your record for several years, increasing auto insurance costs and requiring an explanation every time you apply for a job. A DUI conviction could keep you from getting a job or disqualify a student for financial aid or graduate school.

So, yes — you absolutely want to stay focused on limiting any consumption of alcohol and avoiding a DUI while you're having fun at Deltopia. If you don't have a reason to drive, leave your car at home. Parking at Isla Vista during Deltopia is a nightmare.

You may have the best of intentions about not drinking too much, but we all know how a party weekend such as Deltopia 2015 can go. Things got out of hand at Deltopia 2014, with more than 130 people arrested on various charges and 190 citations issued.

You should expect a strong police presence during Deltopia 2015 around Isla Vista.

If you are arrested at Deltopia, there's help nearby. As a property owner in Isla Vista who rents to students, Steven R. Andrade of Andrade Law Offices in Santa Barbara understands student life and that sometimes unfortunate things happen. We discount our fees for Deltopia-related charges.

Upon an arrest for DUI at Deltopia, you should be cooperative but decline to answer questions and ask to speak to a lawyer. At your first opportunity, call Andrade Law Offices.

Once you contact Andrade Law, you do not have to be afraid. We will respond quickly to have you released from custody as soon as possible and will defend you against all charges. Our legal team is planning to be ready for anyone who needs us April 4 through 6, the weekend of Deltopia 2015.

Walk from campus or find someone who can drop you off, and then plan to walk back. See whether MTD Santa Barbara's Isla Vista Shuttle, which between Del Playa and campus, works for you during the day. Maybe a taxi or a similar service is the answer (be extra patient if you call for a ride on Saturday).

Remember: if you are arrested for a DUI or any other charge at Deltopia 2015, your first call is to Andrade Law Offices at {F:P:Site:Phone}. We understand, we're ready to help, and we discount our fees for college students.