One Of The Highest Personal Injury Jury Verdicts in California $60.7M Get Legal Help Now

Case Results

$4.31M Jury Verdict

Slip and Fall

$2.6M Settlement


$1.25M Settlement

Vehicle/Pedestrian Accident - Pedestrian Hit In Crosswalk

$1.15M Settlement

Vehicle/Pedestrian Accident

$1M Settlement

Negligence Causing Minor Brain Injury

$1M Policy Limit Settlement

Auto Accident - Causes Neck Injury

$970,000 Settlement

Negligent Excessive Force

$700,000 Settlement

Vehicle Accident Involving Drunk Driver

$500,000 Policy Limit Settlement

Scooter/Auto Accident - causing broken bones, scarring, and trauma

$650,000 Default Judgment

Auto Accident - Accidental Death

$563,000 Settlement

Negligence Of Laboratory

$560,000 Settlement

Motorcycle on motorcycle accident - jury verdict with no debilitating injuries to the client

$540,000 Award

Auto Pedestrian Accident - Leg, Back Injuries

$100,000 Policy Limit-Settlement

Premises Liability

$100,000 Policy Limit - Settlement

Rear-End Auto Accident

$100,000 Policy Limit -Settlement

Motorcycle/Truck Accident - minor injuries

$100,000 Policy Limit - Settlement

Auto-Pedestrian Accident - pedestrian hit in a crosswalk minor injuries

Policy Limit

Auto Accident - with severe injuries

$25,000 UIM Policy Limit - Settlement

Auto Accident - with minor injuries

$450,000 Settlement

Elderly Slip and Fall - Broken Clavicle

$318,000 Jury Verdict


$139,000 Settlement

Truck-Pedestrian Accident - causing wrist injury

$300,000 Award

Foot Injury - Policy Limit Awarded At Binding Arbitration

$85,000 Settlement

Slip and Fall - Woman falls in poorly lit Dr. Office causing hip injury

$45,000 Settlement

Slip and Fall

$40,000 Settlement

Slip and Fall - Woman falls on public transportation

$39,000 Settlement

Slip and Fall - Stage diving causing neck pain

Policy Limit Settlement

Auto/Pedestrian Accident - Minor Injured In Run Away Motor Vehicle

Policy Limit

Auto/Bicycle Accident - Teen boy hit on bicycle causing leg injury

Policy Limit Settlement

Auto/Bicycle Accident - Minor Injured On Bicycle By Motor Vehicle

$22,500 Settlement

Slip and Fall - Woman trips on plants on sidewalk causing injuries

Second Degree Murder

Not Guilty Verdict After Trial

Felony Assault Charges with Gang Enhancement

Judge Found Self-Defense, Case Dismissed

Attempted Murder / Assault with Deadly Weapon

Case Dismissed
Judge Found Self-Defense

7 Counts of Robbery

Judge Dismissed Case After Preliminary Hearing

Receiving Stolen Property

Case Dismissed After Evidence Suppressed (Illegal Search)

Felony Embezzlement

Case Dismissed After Jury Deadlocked

DUI Vehicular Manslaughter

Settled In Trial
.09% BAL - Settled In Trial


Not Guilty Verdicts, Dismissals, And Reductions
Thousands Of Cases Resolved By Not Guilty Verdicts, Dismissals, And Reductions Of Charges

Possession of Drugs for Sale

Not Guilty Verdict