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Driver's License Suspension Attorney
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If you have made a mistake that threatens your California driving privileges, an attorney at Andrade Law Offices can act to minimize the restriction of your driving privileges. Aggressive, insightful legal representation can help identify alternatives that in many cases keep you on the road despite a DUI charge, underage drinking, too many points on your license, or other infractions.

Based in Santa Barbara, we at Andrade Law Offices particularly like to assist college students and young people who make mistakes and need some help. We understand that college days combine the stress of academic studies with an active social life. Sometimes situations arise, and a student may cross the line for innocent reasons. Download Attorney Steven Andrade's free DUI book for help in your DUI case. If there's a legal price to be paid, we can help make sure it is a reasonable one that causes you the least possible ongoing disruption and expense.

If you face a criminal conviction that could result in suspension of driving privileges, contact Andrade Law Offices for a free consultation.

Driver's License Suspension & Revocation in California

If you want to keep your California driver's license from being suspended, you must avoid being convicted of:

  • Driving under the influence. You will lose your license for at least six months on a first DUI conviction and longer with additional DUI convictions.

  • Refusing or failing a drug or alcohol test. It is important to remember that if a police officer asks you to take a blood, breath, or urine test, you must comply or you will automatically lose your driving privileges. If you fail the test, your driver's license may be suspended or revoked.

  • Underage drinking. If you are under 21 years of age and are caught drinking alcohol, you could lose your driver's license for a year or until you turn 18, whichever lasts longer.

  • Failure to appear for a traffic ticket. You cannot duck a ticket in California. If you do not show in court or fail to pay a fine, California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is immediately notified and could suspend your driver's license.

  • Excessive points on your license. If you accrue too many points due to violations in a specified period, you will be considered a “negligent operator” and the DMV may suspend and place on probation, or revoke, your driving privileges.

  • Lapses in your car insurance. You'll probably have to be in a car accident for this mistake to come to light, but if that happens, you could lose your license for one to four years.

  • Vandalism. Yes, you can lose your license for a year over the senseless destruction of someone else's property.

  • Failure to pay child support. The threat of driver's license suspension is one way California's Family Code works to make absent parents live up to their obligations.

With all of this in mind, it is important to remember that a criminal charge is not the same as a criminal conviction. You have options to challenge criminal charges and protect your license, not to mention your freedom and future, and a Santa Barbara criminal defense lawyer can provide invaluable representation.

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There are many ways to avoid having your driver's license suspended despite being charged with any of the above violations. Some are specified by California law, including provisions for limited driving privileges or restoration of privileges if a conviction cannot be avoided. Some are a matter of being represented by a knowledgeable lawyer. Many criminal cases never make it to court.

It is the job of a defense attorney to resolve a client's case with the most positive outcome possible. Many times this is a matter of negotiating with prosecutors outside of court and convincing them of a better path that satisfies the court's and defendant's needs. Obtaining a plea bargain to a lesser charge or an agreement to drop charges requires the skill of persuasion and personal relationships between the defense attorney and prosecutors.

Steven R. Andrade is a former Deputy District Attorney for Ventura County and a former Assistant Attorney General with more than 30 years of trial experience. Our attorney knows what kind of arguments and information prosecutors will find persuasive and how to frame those to our clients' best advantage. They have had numerous criminal charges reduced or dismissed for our clients.

You should never face criminal charges of any kind without an experienced lawyer to represent you and protect your rights. Having a skilled criminal defense attorney at your side is crucial if you face charges that could result in serious penalties as well as the loss of your driving privileges.

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If you have been charged with DUI or another offense that could result in the loss of your driver's license, call our offices for a free initial legal consultation today. In addition to an aggressive defense of your rights, Andrade Law Offices offers a discount on services to college students facing DUI and other alcohol-related charges, and an affordable payment plan for all clients.

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