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We Won! The Multi-Million-Dollar Jury Verdict Changed My Life.

I hired Mr. Andrade and his staff to help me with an injury case against Albertsons grocery store. Little did I know the education and journey that lay ahead of me with that decision. I experienced first-hand how insurance companies and the legal system work in injury cases. When my case finally went to trial, Mr. Andrade was against at least four other lawyers on the defense side. He was an impressive adversary and prevailed HUGE in my case. I am a millionaire today because of his preparation, and great trial work that resulted in a multi-million-dollar jury verdict. I cannot thank him enough for sticking with my case and pushing it to the end.

– W.M.

The Attorneys and Staff Did an Excellent Job with My Case.

“I contacted Andrade Law Offices after I sustained a head injury from being hit by a bouncer in a nightclub. Andrade Law Offices obtained almost $1M in a settlement during the mediation process. The attorneys and staff did an excellent job with my case. I live in France, where there is a big-time difference from California. Still, the attorneys and staff maintained excellent communication with me and my father about every step of my case.”

– Romain L.

Experienced, Stand-up Man Who Fights for You.

“I wouldn't want anyone else, I had attorneys before were I just felt why did I hire them but Mr. Andrade is above the rest in his profession. Experienced, stand up man who fights for you and works with all the way. I'm not the easiest of clients to handle, so with that being said I give him stars across the board. You will be happy and breathe easier if you retain Mr. Andrade.”

– Alishia R.

You Are the Best Lawyer in Town

Steven Andrade, saved my career, I was facing 12 felony counts of fraud, if convicted my 20 career and my business would have been finished. Steven Andrade and his wife Kathleen showed me compassion and understanding. Steven Andrade stood up for me and did not back down, I received a DA diversion and paid a small fine, that’s it!!! No conviction!! He is worth every penny; he will NOT let you down. Do yourself a big favor and hire him. It was very hard to find a lawyer who truly cares and has integrity. Steven Andrade cares for his clients and is extremely knowledgeable, sincere, punctual, and respectful.

-M. M.

Steve Is Very Approachable
and Friendly.

“Steve is very approachable and friendly. He has gotten my friends and I the best possible outcomes because he keeps his word and always trying to find the best possible outcome. I wouldn't go to any other lawyer thanks to my success with Steve Andrade! Thank you Steve for being a genuine person who is a man of your word!”

– Anonymous

Steven Andrade Is the BEST!

“I contacted Mr. Andrade's office for my boyfriend who was in jail for his third DUI in a panic, late on a Sunday night. His office called me back that night and set up an appointment. I ended up meeting with one other lawyer and talking to several others over the phone. I'm so glad I went with Andrade. He FOUGHT for my boyfriend, kept me, my guy and his mother updated every step of the trial and got the result we were looking for in the face of many obstacles. Steven Andrade is the BEST!”

- Amy R.

We Could Not Be More Pleased with The Outcome.

“Mr. Andrade and staff, thank you so much for believing in my daughter's case. We could not be more pleased with the outcome and we appreciate all of the work the attorney and staff put into her case. As a result, her settlement will ensure that she is taken care of the rest of her life. ”

– L.A. and D.A.

I Left the Office Feeling Confident that He Will Take Care of My Case.

“My consultation with Mr. Andrade was great. I left the office feeling confident that he would take care of my case and that he knew what he was doing. He laid out a strategy for me and walked me through the steps of what would happen next. The office staff worked out a manageable payment plan with me.”

– Brian J.

I Am so Lucky and Grateful that I Got Such a Light Penalty.

“I am doing very well and it is because of you! Thank you so much for all your help, advice, and support. I am so lucky and grateful that I got such a light penalty.”

– Roma M.

I Wanted to Thank Your Office, and Commend Mr. Andrade for His Work on This Case.

“I wanted to thank your office, and commend Mr. Andrade for his work on this case. I worked at the Ventura County District Attorney's Office where my wife currently serves as a Deputy District Attorney and therefore our family was very well aware of the potential consequences [your client] was facing. I know it weighed a great deal on him and so my wife and I would like to send our thanks for all the hard work your office put into obtaining what we feel is a very good outcome given the circumstances.”

– Edward L. Jr.

Thank You for Everything You Have Done for My Family and I.

“You have inspired me through helping me win my case. That is an experience that I will never forget due to the fact that your impressive skills are obviously present in the courtroom. So much so, that I am currently finishing up my B.A. in Political Science with the hopes of continuing on to law school. Thank you so much for your help Mr. Andrade. If I would have gotten convicted of the crimes charged against me I couldn't make that possible...Thank you for everything you have done for my family and I.”

– L.R.

Words Can't Explain how Much Trouble You Have Saved My Family and I.

“I wanted to sincerely thank you and your firm for backing me when there was no one else in my corner. Words can't explain how much trouble you have saved my family and I. I've been able to live my life normally after such accusations and will save your contact information for any needed purposes in the future.”

– Alexander A.

I Was Very Impressed by Steven Andrade’s Expertise and Knowledge in His Field of Law.

“I was very impressed by Steven Andrade's expertise and knowledge in his field of law. We prevailed in what I believe to be a fair judgement as a result of his talent. Mr. Andrade spoke with well articulated confidence that commands respect in the courtroom. He was also generous with his time, and I felt well taken care of by him and his staff during a very stressful time. In addition, I admire Mr. Andrade's “old school” style, it's hard to find attorneys with his class and integrity. He's solid as a rock, it was a relief to have him on my side!”

– Alicia L.

We Can't Thank You Enough!

Thank you so much for all of your work and support on our case. We are so grateful to have had your support and dedication during this difficult time.

-C. G.

The Best Lawyer In Town

“You are the best lawyer in town and somehow get the best possible outcomes like magic. We so appreciate and Thank You!”

-Sher S.

Fabulous Lawyer and Group

I reached out to Steven Andrade, and he got back to me the next day, SUPER professional, very kind person, and super helpful staff. If he was busy working on other cases his entire staff helped if I had a question or concern and with specific details, you can tell how well-trained and knowledgeable they all are. My case had an amazing outcome and was the best case for me in the end and I cannot thank them all enough. I highly recommend for your legal needs - thank you!!"

-P. S.

Great Referral

I called Andrade Law Offices for help with my mother's injury case. We were searching the internet and his name came up in a Google search. My elderly mother was seriously injured, but she lives outside of California. As Mr. Andrade was not licensed to practice law outside of California, his staff took the time to help me find an attorney in my city who was experienced in trials and had a good reputation. The internet is full of false information, it was difficult to find someone who we could classify as a "good lawyer." The lawyer we decided on has turned out to be great for my mother's case. We are so grateful to Mr. Andrade and his staff for taking the time to talk to us about the case and for helping us find a great lawyer in our city.

- Nancy W.

Best Services in The County

“Very prompt from the get go. Quick responses and always available to answer questions. I would like to thank Mr. Andrade and everyone at the office for their help and support.”