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Case Result Stories

$4.31M Jury Verdict

In April of 2016, Plaintiff, now age 60, was shopping in the Albertsons, LLC grocery store in Taft, California. He slipped and fell on water that had pooled on the floor near a freezer island floor case. Everyone thought he had only suffered a broken nose.  

Between April 2016 and December 2016, Plaintiff complained of a loss of sense of smell and taste and memory problems. Based on his symptoms, an MRI was ordered in January 2017, eight months after the fall. The MRI revealed a subdural hematoma. Plaintiff contended that the fall caused permanent anosmia (loss of sense of smell and taste) and mild traumatic brain injury, including mild memory loss and mild cognitive issues. 

Defendant Albertsons, LLC tried to shift blame and liability on to the refrigeration company, and on a janitorial service without success.

$2.6M Settlement

Infant Burned By Scalding Coffee in a popular chain restaurant. The server failed to alert the parents that she was sitting cups of scalding hot coffee down on the table. She sat a cup within reach of the child. The coffee caused second-degree burns to her chest and neck, and severe trauma to her parents who witnessed the incident.

$1.15M Settlement

A driver, failing to yield the right of way, drove through a stop sign just as our client was entering the intersection. Our client suffered severe injuries to his foot and leg in the accident. The case settled in mediation.

$970,000 Settlement

Bouncer beatdown causing a subdural hematoma. A young student was in a popular local bar during "underage night". Something happened inside the bar that caused our client to be ushered out. While outside of the bar, a security guard hit our client in the head with such force as to knock him unconscious. He was taken to the hospital where he spent several days before releasing him. A few days later, he returned to the hospital.

Our attorney walked out twice during the mediation, because of the ridiculously low offers the insurance company was presented to settle the case.

Our client had returned to his country before the mediation. We had him on the telephone and text relaying the discussions and the offers to him. In the end, he was very happy with his settlement offer.

We have handled several cases in the past couple of years where security guards, doormen and women, and bouncers, have used negligent excessive force on patrons, causing head, eye, back, neck, and arm damage, and even permanent scarring.

If you are the victim of excessive force by a security guard, bouncer or doorperson, call our offices.

$500,000 Policy Limit Settlement

Scooter/Auto Accident causing broken bones, scarring, and trauma. The scooter was driving on the inside lane when the car just ahead of her, driving on the outside lane quickly attempted to make a U-turn, cutting off the scooter. The scooter collide with the vehicle causing severe injuries.

$560,000 Settlement

Motorcycle on motorcycle accident - jury verdict with no debilitating injuries to the client.

$100,000 Policy Limit-Settlement

Hot water splashed in the face of a child as a prank. Minor scarring and mental anguish.

During a New Year's Eve party, the parents of a young boy hosted a sleepover. During the night, the boys decided to pull a prank on one of their friends and threw hot water in his face while he was sleeping. The boys then applied a bag of ice directly to the burns, causing further burning to the skin from the ice.

Our young patient suffered emotional trauma, PTSD, and minor scarring to his face. His guardian ad litem settled for the homeowner insurance policy limit of $100,000.00.

$100,000 Policy Limit -Settlement

Motorcycle/Truck Accident - minor injuries. A pickup truck rear-ended a motorcycle in Ventura County. The motorcycle and driver were dragged a significant distance before the truck came to a stop. The driver of the motorcycle was taken to the hospital for treatment.

$139,000 Settlement

Client hit by truck in the parking lot of a big box store causing wrist injury.

The client was told by the store to park in a load and unload-only zone. However, they did not ensure her safety by redirecting through traffic. She was hit by a passing truck and knocked to the ground, hurting her wrist.

$45,000 Settlement

Man steps in a hole in the parking lot of shopping center causing knee injury.

When he stepped out of his car, he immediately stepped into a hole in the pavement of an unkept parking lot causing injury to his leg.